It's Okay

Well it's not always about love that can break your heart.
Friendship can also break a million pieces of your heart too.
I don't know what's going on right now,
But I know there's a good reason
behind all of this messed up things
that suddenly happened to us.
I do appreciate all of my friends.
I really do, please know it.
It's okay if this is the end of our friendship.
It's okay if this is what you want it to be.
It is really okay, I'm fine.
Don't you ever worry about me. 
I really do hope you will be just fine out there. Please be okay.
My thoughts and prayers will always and always and always be with you,
In shaa Allah❤

-Friendship is not always means Forever-

It's Already 2017 !

Stay chill, Stay Awesome! ❤

psstt ~ today is 17/01/2017
hehehe >.<

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